Memorandum of Understanding Between HPH and WHO

In late 2010, the long awaited WHO/HPH Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed by WHO Euro Regional Director, Zsuzsanna Jakab, CEO of the International Secretariat, Hanne Tønnesen, and Chairman of the HPH Governance Board, Louis Coté.

The signed document was celebrated in a ceremony at the December 10 HPH Governance Board meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark, and it was presented by WHO Regional Advisor, Maria Haralanova, who at the same time extended WHO's warmest congratulations to the International HPH Network on the achievement.

Download the WHO / HPH Memorandum of Understanding here

Download the Governance Board meeting report here



Further steps

The next step is to form a very concrete and detailed work plan to follow up and to put the collaboration framework of the MoU into action as soon as possible.

The International HPH Secretariat will arrange the meetings with WHO and initiate the work in early 2011. The final outcome is expected to be a detailed work plan under the MoU framework to be presented at the HPH Conference in June 2011.


The Areas of Collaboration

The collaboration between WHO and HPH will include both policy, training, implementation, research etc. And in a WHO perspective, the HPH collaboration fits very directly into the European policy document ”Health 2020”, which is under development, and which will specify WHO’s visions, values principles and main policies in the area. The idea of Health 2020 is to bring together all movements, stakeholders etc. in Europe that work with health explicitly, or that can contribute to health in other ways.

Aside from the main Health 2020 document, there will be practical action oriented documents, such as “Strengthening Public Health Capacities and Services in Europe” and the WHO action plan for combating non-communicable diseases (NCDs). Many of these practical documents are very closely tied to HPH’s area of focus and so they form a very good basis for the close collaboration between WHO and HPH in future.

Furthermore, as the need for evidence-based health promotion is more pressing than every, HPH’s platform, secretariat, events and channels are very valuable in spreading the visions, values and concepts of WHO but also, and just as importantly, to strongly assist the actual evidence-based implementation and practices through the many HPH H/HS.

Finally, at the signing ceremony, it was noted that the hope of both HPH and WHO with the close collaboration is to benefit patients, staff and communities, but all over the world.

MoU Signing Ceremony

On behalf of the WHO, Regional Adviser, maria Haralanova concluded that she is very happy to see more focus on and closer collaboration with HPH. She noted that HPH is a much needed network and partner for WHO, that HPH can assist greatly with evidence, support, coordination, monitoring and implementation of health promotion aimed at patients, staff and community - and that currently the political winds are very favourable.

On that note, the official signing ceremony was held, where the original MoU with WHO Euro Regional Director, Zsuzsanna Jakab’s signature was signed by Governance Board Chairman, Louis Coté, and International HPH Secretariat CEO, Hanne Tønnesen on behalf on the International HPH Network.

Likewise, in early 2011, the Secretariat will also begin the process of printing and distributing a combined HPH Constitution & HPH/WHO MoU document.