Global HPH Strategy 2016-2018


The Global Strategy is a working tool for National/Regional Networks, individual HPH members, HPH Task Forces and the HPH Governance Board.

The objective of the HPH Global Strategy 2016-2018 is to provide a shared platform and direction for the work of the HPH members, National/Regional HPH Networks, HPH Task Forces and the HPH Governance Board for the period 2016-2018.

The HPH Global Strategy 2016-2018 has been developed by the HPH Governance Board and the International HPH Secretariat in 2014-2016. The development was based on workshops and discussions at the 20th and 21st meeting of the HPH General Assembly in Barcelona 2014 and in Oslo 2015. A draft of the Strategy was further discussed at the 22nd HPH General Assembly in New Haven 2016, and input and feedback have also been included in the strategy. The strategy follows the HPH Constitution and includes the updated WHO Standards and Self-Assessment Forms for implementing health promotion in hospitals and health services.  


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