The New Haven Recommendation to be released at the 24th International HPH Conference in June 2016

This year at the 24th International HPH Conference a document focusing on patient and family involvement will be discussed and endorsed by the conference participants and the International Network of Health Promotion Hospitals and health Services (HPH Network). The document is called the "New Haven Recommendations on partnering with and involving patients and families in health promoting hospitals and health services. It builds upon the main conference theme "Creating a Culture of Health through Innovation & Partnership" as well as the long experience of the local host, Plantree with regard to facilitating patient- and family-centered care. 

With the New haven Recommendations, the HPH Network stands up for a clearer position on the essential role of patiens as co-producers of their health, as well as of families and, more generally, citizens in co-designing healthcare delivery. Thereby, the HPH Network aims to move forward new ways of thinking and involving stakeholders within healthcare and ultimately, to make the "active and participatory role of patiens [and families]" - a goal that was already emphasized in one of the first HPH policty documents - become a reality in reoriented health services.

 The conference will take place at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut on June 8-10, 2016 and afterwards the final version of the New Haven Recommendations will be available at the following websites: