Last call: Nominations for HPH Awards 2015 

To follow-up on the call for nominees sent out in December 2015, we would like you to remember to send in your nomination form before March 1st 2016 to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please follow the steps outlined in the documentation below.


Background and purpose

As decided by the HPH General Assembly and HPH Governance Board, HPH awards are given out each year in 3 categories to member hospitals/health services, national/regional networks and authors/groups of authors in order to promote HPH visibility, recognize extraordinary fulfilment of WHO standards, recognize extraordinary fulfilment of strategic goals and improve the number of published scientific articles.


Award Categories

The award categories established are as follows (not all will necessarily be given every year).

International HPH Award For Outstanding Fulfilment of WHO HPH Standards

(NB: Only Hospital/HS members eligible for nomination in this category)

International HPH Award For Outstanding Fulfilment of HPH Strategy

(NB: Only Nat/Reg HPH Networks eligible for nomination in this category)

International HPH AwardFor Outstanding Scientific Publication

(NB: Only an author/group of authors eligible for nomination in this category)


Award Presentation, Time and Deadlines

All HPH Awards are yearly, and the winners will be notified in advance. Awards are presented each year at the International HPH Conference. Nominations (using the HPH Awards Entry Form) must be submitted to the International HPH Secretariat in Copenhagen no later than March 1. Entries must be sent electronically to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Award Nomination and Eligibility

Nominations for any HPH Award can only be submitted by member HPH hospitals or health services or by National / Regional HPH Networks.

-         The HPH Strategy Award is only for National / Regional Networks to win.

-         The WHO HPH Standards Award is only for Hospitals and Health Services to win.

-         The Scientific Publication Award is only for an author or a group of authors to win.

The nominations for the two award categories related to strategy and standards will be examined and judged by a selected committee of HPH Governance Board members.

The Award for Outstanding Scientific Publication will be judged by the Editorial Office of the Journal of Clinical Health Promotion.


Award Process and Further Regulations

All HPH Award winners will receive a certificate of recognition, celebrating the outstanding achievement. This will take place in a ceremony during the annual HPH Conference.

HPH will, however, not pay winners’ travel expenses to receive the award at the Conference. In case a winner is not physically present, the Award will be issued and presented in absentia and the certificate sent to its recipient by post afterwards.

The further regulations for HPH Awards are:

  1. To win, nominated entries must be available to the general HPH community. This means that all entries must have its material published in or translated into English.
  2. Collaborative efforts of multiple entities can very well be nominated as a single entry. In these instances, certificates will be issued in copies for all relevant recipients accordingly.
  3. Every nomination must be made in the form of a submitted HPH Award Entry Form. Incomplete forms or submissions in other ways will not be considered.  
  4. Any nominated entry must include documentation as deemed relevant. It could naturally be a copy of a self-assessment result, a strategy plan or summary of achievements, a publication, article, work description, project description or other material describing the entry.
  5. All entries must be sent in electronically to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.(as per GB decision hard copy entries sent in by post will not be considered).


Please be aware, that it is the Governance Board members who will screen all applications, and we kindly ask you to inform the members, that keep in mind the size of what you are sharing with us. Since all the nominations are going to be well examined and judged, we please ask you to limit the amount of documents to only contain the absolute most important information.