In the beginning of June (5-7) a three day seminar on HPH was successfully completed in Zagreb, Croatia.

The seminar was organised as a result of the partnership between the International HPH Network and the SEEHN Network, and the seminar had participants from a range of Croatian Hospitals.  The seminar was set-up in collaboration between the Adrija Stamar School of Public Health, University of Zagreb and the HPH Secretariat, and local organiser Selma Šogorić had developed a three day programme with focus on improvement of health gain for patients, staff and community in Croatia. On the first day of the Seminar focus was on the overall benefit of implementing Health Promoting activities at the Croatian Health sector, while the final two days were filled with lectures, presentations and workshops on the WHO-HPH Standards.

Browse the programme and key presentations of the seminar here

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At the workshops the participants had inspiring discussions on the current focus on health promotion in the Croatian Hospitals and the use and implementation of the WHO-HPH standards.