Pay Membership Online

In the below, you can pay your membership fee online. Through the PayPal function, you can complete your payment directly by using a valid credit card. Please remember to state the name(s) of your hospital(s)/health service(s) or your National/Regional Network when filling in the details.

At the bottom of the screen, there is also a payment module for HPH Coordinators and larger Health Service Members who need to pay combined fees for multiple entities. Here, you can fill in different amounts to the normal set-price buttons.

All prices have been added a 7.75% service charge due to PayPal charges and fees. This means that the fees for 2015 and onwards are as follows:  

  • The €300 membership fee is priced €323.25 
  • The €200 membership fee is priced €215.50 
  • The €150 membership fee is priced €161.63

Please be aware that your bank might add an additional service charge for the transfer.

To learn more about the HPH Membership Fee Structure and the Fee Index Regulations, please click here


Standard HPH Membership*


Reduced Fee HPH Membership (Lower middle income and new EU countries)*

Time Periode


Developing Country HPH Membership (Developing countries and low income countries)*

Time Periode

 National/Regional Network Fee Payment  (for multiple hospitals/health services)*

Write the names of Hospitals/Health Services:
Or write the name of your National/Regional Network:

For National/Regional Network Fee Payment, please be aware that the 5.25% service charge will be added automatically. This means that should you enter the exact amount (of e.g. €1,000) and then the system will automatically add the service charge (of e.g. €52.50) for you.

*Please note that the HPH Membership Fee will be index regulated from 2015. Hereafter, the fee for all membership types will be €50 higher per year. Thus, the four-year payment option is calculated by adding current and future fees as applicable (with inclusion of service charges).