HPH School: Promoting a Healthy Workplace 


As it has been an on-going event the last years, the annual HPH Conference also host an HPH School for interested participants.

This year's HPH Summer School had a focus on HPH Standard 4: Promoting a Healthy Workplace. Amongst the topics for the school was Policy making, teaching curricula and teaching and training of staff.

The School had a day and a half programme and took place at Sahlgrenska University in Gothenburg. This year we had participants from 10 different countries. The programme was set up with presentations, workshops and discussions in plenum between participants and the teaching capacities.



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Next year's HPH School will be held in relation to the 22nd International HPH Conference in Barcelona. The HPH School will take place April 21-22, and the topic of the HPH School in Barcelona will be standard 5 from the HPH Self-assessment Manual: Continuity and cooperation.

Objective of Standard 5: To ensure collaboration with relevant providers and to initiate partnerships to optimize the integration of health promoting activities in patient pathways.

More information about the HPH School in Barcelona (April 21-22) will be presented on this website in the beginning of 2014. You are of course welcome to contact the HPH Secretariat for further information.