Schedule a WEBEX web meeting - avaliable to all N/R Coordinators, TFs and WGs

As a new addition to the HPH toolbox at, we have included a strong and versatile web meeting software.

With Webex, you can talk (with better sound quality than Skype), use the chat board, draw and write on the whiteboard and you can share slides, applications and desktops.

Webex of course also supports use of webcams, and it even has freely available apps for most smart phones and tablets, whether they be Apple, Android, Windows or BlackBerry.


Apps for mobile devices

Get the Ipad App:
Get the Iphone App:
Get the Android Tablet/Phone App:
Get the BlackBerry App:
NB: To join meetings your smartphone/tablet needs to be online

(You can also get the app for your mobile device by simply searching for “Webex” in the appropriate app store or market).


Request a meeting

The International HPH Secretariat acts as hub for HPH web meetings and both National / Regional Networks, Task Forces and Working Groups can request a meeting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Access your meeting

After requesting and scheduling your meeting, all you need to do to access it is go to:

find your meeting in the list of the day's meetings  - and click join.


For good sound/call quality:
- please use a headset (no speakers, please)
- please use a stable, high-speed internet connection