March 1st 2012 The Czech Health Minister Leos Heger visited WHO-CC, Bispebjerg Hospital and Frederiksberg Hospital in Copenhagen, Denmark, for a meeting on how Denmark and The Czech Republic work with quality and prevention. Present at the meeting were amongst others representatives from the Danish Health and Prevention Ministry, WHO Denmark and the Czech Republic Embassy.

Hanne Tønnesen the Director & Head of Research of the WHO Collaborating Centre and CEO of the International HPH Secretariat stated that it was a very interesting and fruitful meeting, where there was a very open talk and good discussions on how handling of quality- and prevention work is done in the two Countries.

The Czech Health Minister and the rest of the delegation got to see a part of Bispebjerg Hospital. The Minister was asked what he in particular noticed:
”What especially impresses me is how doctors and health care professionals feel the importance of a good system that they can relate to. In the Czech Republic the hospitals function very different from one another, and it is hard to get standards implemented and to get a unified system. That is why it is very good to see when it works. It gives me the good arguments that are needed. It has been a very useful visit to come and see your hospital and WHO-CC".