Below you can download official HPH Logos for usage on HPH members' printed material, websites, sign boards and so forth. We have listed the graphis in the most common file formats, both high and low quality, for your convenience.


Usage of HPH logos

Please note that the HPH logos can ONLY be used by Hospitals / Health Services that are members of HPH.

Our members are welcome to use the logo on all their printed materials, sign boards, electronic materials etc, as they see fit.


Vector graphics

Please use the vector file formats for any purpose requiring scalable, high quality or large graphics (this category includes .ai, .eps, .svg). This is the way to go if you are doing - say - a large sign board, a printed book or so forth.


Low-quality graphics

The non-vector file formats can be used for any straight forward purposes that do not require high quality graphics (this category includes .jpg and .png etc.). This is the way to go if you do not have access to professional graphics software or only need the logo in a very small size.


HPH Globe / HPH Logo

There are two official HPH Logos. One is the green globe with the letters "HPH" inside (this is called "HPH Globe"). The other is the full logo with green globe and the name to the right hand side (this is called "HPH Logo"). Both are available in all file formats, from the list below.

Download this file (HPH Globe.jpg)HPH Globe.jpg[ ]103 kB
Download this file (HPH Logo (Vector formats).rar)HPH Logo (Vector formats).rar[ ]3195 kB
Download this file (HPH Logo web use.PNG)HPH Logo web use.PNG[ ]3 kB
Download this file (HPH Logo.jpg)HPH Logo.jpg[ ]185 kB