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Environment related mortality stems from a multitude of factors - including unsafe water, air pollution, waste disposal, toxic substances and so forth. The health care sector plays a major part in global environment, and thus we, as health professionals, can make a real change for the better. Hospitals are among the most intensive energy-consuming buildings and byproducts of health care industries include toxins, hazardous substances, polluted water, massive amounts of waste etc.
The International Network of Health Promoting Hospitals and Health Services (HPH) focuses on actively promoting the health of patients, staff, communities and environment – wherever possible and however possible. Doing so naturally entails harnessing the tremendous positive potential inherent in furthering a more environmentally friendly health care sector globally. In light of the critical need for further development, documentation and dissemination of evidence-based environmental activities and initiatives in hospital and health service settings, the HPH Environment Task Force has been established.  
"An Introduction of Task Force on HPH and Environment" 

Task Force Members

The HPH & Environment (Task Force) is a panel of health care providers, researchers and activist that provides evidence-based findings and visualising environment-related health promotion issues in existing HPH Models and tools. Advisory group and general members represent a broad range of research, practice, and policy expertise in public health, health promotion, climate change, environmental sustainability and protection.

Advisory Group 
Chin-Lon Lin (Chair)
Chief Exercutive Officer,
Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation
Medical Mission
Shu-Ti Chiou
Director General,
Health Promotion Adminsitration
Ministry of Health and Welfare,Taiwan
Jürgen Pelikan
WHO Collaborating Centre for
Health Promotion in Hospitals &
Health Care
Susan Wilburn
Sustainability Director,
Global Green and Healthy Hospital,
Health Care Without Harm
Jeff Svane
Technical Officer,
WHO Collaborating Centre for
Evidence-based HealthPromotion
in Hospitals & Health Services/
Bispebjerg University Hospital
Hanne Tønnesen
WHO Collaborating Centre for
Evidence-Based Health
Promotion in Hospitals &
Health Services
Yen Tan
Chief Operating Officer,
Khoo Teck Puat Hospital,
Alexandra Health System
United States
Gary Cohen
President and Co-Founder,
Health Care Without Harm
Anja Leetz
Executive Director,
Health Care Without Harm Europe
General Members 
Paola Antonioli
Department of Hygieneand Hospital
Azienda Ospedaliero-Universitaria
di Ferrara
Dr. Mahesh Devnani, MBBS, MHA, MHA
Assistant Professor, 
Department of Hospital Administration, 
Post Graduate Institute of Medical
Education and Research
Sector-12, Chandigarh, India
Eun WooNam
Professor of Public Health,
Dept. of Health Administration,
College of Health Sciences
Institute of Health and Welfare,
Yonsei University
Akio Koike
Health Promotion Center, Saitama
Cooperative Hospital
United Kingdom
Ruth Passman
Senior Health Policy Advisor
Department of Health, UK
Daniel Eriksson
Director Consulting services,
Sustainability Management Consultant
TEM at LundUniversity
Mahesh Nakarmi
Health Care Waste Management Program,
Health Care Foundation
Dian Nugroho
Keluarga Sehat Banyu Bening Hospital
Kabir Abubakar
Medical Director
National Orthopaedic Hospital
Marie-France Noel
Assistant Associate Director General,
Clinical Operations & Nursing Affairs
McGill University Health Centre

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