HPH Fees

Any hospital/health service member of the International HPH Network must pay an annual membership fee. There are two types of fees, both of which are explained in greater detail in the below. 

If you wish to pay your membership fee online, please click here.


Flat Fees 

Historically, the HPH membership fee has always been a "flat fee" per hospital or health service. The vast majority of our members pay according to the flat fee rates, which are:
Hospital/Health Service Member =
€300 p.a. 
Hospital/Health Service Member (Lower middle income and new EU countries) =
€200 p.a.
Hospital/Health Service Member (Developing countries) =
€150 p.a.


In doubt about which category your hospital/health service belongs in? You can get an overview of the three categories by clicking here.


New Fees for Large Health Service Members 

The new fees for large health service members are an exception to the flat fee system. On the basis of cases such as the NHS Trusts in the United Kingdom, the Governance Board of the International HPH Network has decided that large health service members should pay a fee based on their number of employees, which is compared to those of average HPH hospital/health service members. We believe that this makes for a more fair system than previously, whilst still maintaining the fast and easy administration that has always been a priority for the International HPH Network.

The yearly membership fees for large health services are: 

0 to 1000 Employees = 1 fee (€300)
1000 to 2000 Employees = 2 fees (€600)
2000 to 3000 Employees = 3 fees (€900)
3000 to 4000 Employees = 4 fees (€1200)
(And so on...)


Fee Index Regulations for 2015 Onwards

As decided by the HPH General Assembly and Governance Board, HPH membership fee levels should be index regulated to accommodate for general inflation. 

In the beginning of 2015, the HPH fee level increased by 20% as it was regulated from €250 to €300. The reduced fees in place were regulated correspondingly, but in even numbers for easy administration. The regulated fees can be seen in the above section called "Flat Fees". 


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Download this file (HPH Fee Structure July 2017.pdf)HPH Fee Structure July 2017.pdf[ ]82 kB