19th International Conference on Health Promoting Hospitals & Health Services (2011, Turku, Finland)

Health gain orientation in all services: cooperation for continuity in care

The 2011 International HPH Conference will be hosted by the National HPH Network of Finland and it is to take place in the town of Turku on 1st to 3rd of June 2011. Among other things, Turku boasts the prestigious title of 2011 European Capital of Culture. The conference is held at the Conference Center Caribia, Kongressikuja 1, Turku.

The HPH 2011 Conference will focus on health promoting collaboration between service providers and different healthcare professions, but also on cooperation with other settings. Programme information will be continuously updated on www.hphconferences.org/turku2011

For further information, please visit the 2011 Conference website at http://www.hph2011.com/